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By now I have been working as a PRI therapist for over 10 years. Before I started the training, I took a PRI course as a client. Upon reading Ingeborg’s first book “the rediscovery of the true self” I felt “this is right,” this is how they are put together. It answered conscious and still unconscious questions of and about myself.

At the age of 17, I developed anorexia. For a very long time it has been a mystery to me why? Using PRI’s method, I was able to gain insight and eventually move past my compulsions. From the rigid frameworks I had imposed on myself.

Because of my own experience with an eating problem, knowing from the inside what it is to not allow myself anything, I feel a lot of kinship with the mostly still young girls/women suffering from this today.

PRI is a way of living for me. Realizing every day that I myself am responsible for my own feelings and happiness. Realizing that when I live from myself, only then can I be in connection with my fellow man. I grant this liberation to everyone!

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