Gloom and Depression

A gloomy period can last for a few days or weeks; but such a relatively short period of gloom can suddenly become a longer period of dejection, thus turning into depression.

Depression often lasts longer, sometimes even months or years. The trigger can be a clear, major event such as the loss of a loved one, illness, dismissal or the end of a relationship.

Or sometimes gloomy or depressed feelings have been lurking in the background for some time and you don’t know exactly why you feel this way.

You often have a heavy or lifeless feeling. You can no longer enjoy fun things and you no longer feel happy when you are together with your partner, children or friends.

Things are often too much and you quickly feel overwhelmed. You prefer not to get off the couch, which you then also feel bad about….a very nasty vicious circle, which can feel like you’ll never get out again.

Worldwide, nearly half a billion people suffer from depression.

Watch this video in which Ingeborg Bosch explains how PRI looks at depression.

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The good news is: there is a way out!

Gloom and feelings of depression have a very specific function: they cover other, deeper feelings. Feelings from your early childhood, associated with events that were too painful to process when you were so small and dependent. They have left an imprint in your cells and in your brain.

The depressive feelings exist so that you don’t have to feel that deepest pain. Every time in your life when you are unconsciously confronted with situations that resemble what you have not been able to process, that gloom becomes active.

How can PRI help you?

With the help of PRI, you learn to recognize which situations in your daily life cause gloomy, heavy feelings to arise.

Next, you and your therapist will discover what old, repressed painful feelings lie beneath. In this way, step by step you separate your past from the present. The depressive feelings lose their function and thus disappear.

The result is that you are less often, less long and less violently at the mercy of gloom and depression. Moreover, you get a grip yourself, because your therapist teaches you how to apply PRI instruments yourself, now and in the future.

My gloomy undercurrent is now almost always absent, sometimes, especially during holidays, the feeling comes back, but now I know how to work with it.