Workshops for Professionals

Working professionally with PRI Working professionally with PRI

We regularly organize workshops for professionals.

Are you a professional and do you want to learn how to use PRI in your work? Then these workshops can be interesting for you.

Refresher training for general practitioners POH-GGZ (Dutch only) Refresher training for general practitioners POH-GGZ (Dutch only)

PRI as psycho-education in practice PRI as psycho-education in practice

PRI (Past Reality Integration) is a relatively new method within psychotherapy in which the patient learns to independently recognize his dysfunctional patterns and coping behaviour, to understand the cause and to change his or her behaviour.

PRI therapy is a meta-approach in which evidence-based elements come together in a specific way, including cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma therapy focused on early childhood experiences and a schema-focused approach.

The method provides new insights into and an effective approach for serious psychological complaints such as anxiety, depression, stress, burnout (prevention), aggression, addictions, loneliness and eating disorders.

Many positive experiences have been gained in general practice with the use of PRI as psychoeducation. That is why PRI-Nederland organizes free online webinars for general practitioners and POH-GGZ’s on various themes.

During these webinars, you will learn to explain the PRI theory and how and when to apply it on the basis of demos. Also, you will learn to practice PRI on yourself, e.g. as burnout prevention.

The next webinar will take place soonest, with the theme: Eating problems. The next webinar will take place soonest, with the theme: Eating problems.

Keep an eye on this website for the latest dates! And sign up for the PRI newsletter and stay informed!

PRI shows promising results in the treatment of extreme, recurrent anorexia. Read more….

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If you have any questions about this webinar or if you would like more information about PRI, please email:
or contact Mareike Brian (POH-GGZ): 06-20 17 06 43

Workshop midwives (Dutch only) Workshop midwives (Dutch only)

Give babies a good start Give babies a good start

Timely identification of psychological complaints in expectant parents. (accredited for 2 points by the KNOV)

It is becoming increasingly clear that trauma around birth (perinatal) and in the first 1000 days after birth plays a central role in the develop psychopathology meaning later in life.

Trauma refers to stressful experiences of the baby in the broadest sense, in which the environment of the child is not able to fulfil his or her needs.
For example, if a parent is overloaded and emotionally unavailable to the child. Severe cases may involve trauma such as sexual abuse, violence, and physical or emotional neglect.

As a midwife, you play an important role in this precarious period
in the lives of mother and child. Directly in your professional guidance, but also indirectly, because you can pick up signals that indicate that a mother or family needs extra support in caring for the (unborn) baby.

Join our online training Join our online training

  • you will receive concrete tools to better recognize signs of psychological problems in parents in practice;
  • Using the PRI theory, you learn how psychological complaints in your clients are related to early childhood trauma;
  • you learn simple tools with which you can help clients to get a better grip on this;
  • you make a personal plan of approach that you can apply in your daily practice.

There is also room to introduce your own questions and situations and to look at your own defence scores.

The workshop is given by Dr. Tjarda van Sliedregt en Ir. Imke Vos.
Tjarda holds a PhD in psychologist, (non-practising) obstetrician, PRI therapist and supervisor. In addition, Tjarda has been a senior teacher at the Maastricht Academy of Midwifery (AVM) for a long time and still regularly gives guest lectures there.
Imke is a PRI therapist and works a lot with expectant parents and parents of young children and is co-founder of Platform Spruit, a platform by birth care workers for expectant and new parents.

Date: to be determined

Time: 19:00 – 21:30 uur

Place: The workshop will be held online, via Zoom; you will receive the access link after we have received your payment.

Accreditation: 2 points (KNOV)

Cost: € 75 per participant. You will receive an invoice after registration.

For more information about this training, mail to:
Or contact Imke Vos: 06-11907750