Founder of PRI
Psychologist, best and long selling author and PRI trainer
Founder of PRI
Psychologist, best and long selling author and PRI trainer

Always looking for the truth Always looking for the truth

Ingeborg Bosch is a researcher through and through

She has been able to develop PRI by continuously researching openly;

A laser-sharp approach based on love and compassion.

She shows how universal our emotional struggles are and

gives people back hope that there is a way to heal.

In addition, she provides practical, in-depth and mathematically accurate tools to do this yourself.

The solution to our problems lies within ourselves and not out in the world

Ingeborg Bosch
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Ingeborg dedicates her work entirely to investigate how we can become a more loving human being: being able to live (together) to the fullest from an open heart, beyond old, obsolete (survival) mechanisms.

It is almost sensible how she seems to have glimpsed the source of all love and happiness and wants to share it with us.

This makes her a modern alchemist!

If you are looking for a way to live in the now, Ingeborg Bosch is your guide. Her understanding of human nature is unequaled.

Preston Ford, Harvard Business School alumni, CEO –

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