Untangle your emotions and live fully

Grow your consciousness

Do you want to develop yourself emotionally? Do you want to gain deeper insights into your
behaviour and unravel the origins of your emotions?
PRI is the way to increase your awareness.

Past Reality Integration assumes that as adults we often see the world
through the glasses of the defence mechanisms that we had to
develop as children.

These defence mechanisms ensure that we do not have to feel the pain
that we experienced as children. However, it is these defence mechanisms that make us suffer
the most as adults because they distort our perception of the present so much.

By working with PRI I developed myself from a bottomless pit full of the need for recognition to an unexpected and all-fulfilling feeling of happiness

Want to get started with PRI right away?

In the Online Course, you learn directly from Ingeborg Bosch how to apply PRI.

The way (back) to reconnect with yourself

The goal of working with PRI is to be able to live more and more free of defences.
Even if defences are still activated, we will recognize and dismantle them more and more quickly, so that we can eliminate the destructive effect on our daily lives.

Then we can experience the present for what it is:
usually surprisingly unburdened.

How can PRI help you?

With the help of PRI, you will work on daily situations in which you want to discover how the unconscious directs your behaviour and emotions. Together with your therapist, you determine the theme on which you want to develop, you will observe yourself and your behaviour on this.

Then you will discover what old, repressed painful feelings lie beneath. In this way,
step by step you separate your past from the present.

You will experience that your defensive behaviour will lose its function the moment
you can address the old feelings.

By applying PRI something has changed on a deep level so that the change in my patterns does not take much effort anymore. I don’t have to maintain a change in willpower and perseverance.