PRI through the employer PRI through the employer

It often happens that employers are willing to invest in a personal coaching program for an employee when:

  • the employee is motivated to put energy in his/her personal development,
  • without any threat of disease or inadequate performance.¹
  • the employee wants to improve his/her functioning: for example in the field of collaboration, leadership or taking charge, handling work pressure and stress, dealing with conflicts etc.¹
  • There is a possible threat of long-term illness: overstretched or burnout. there is already an illness.²

In these cases, a PRI coaching process can be interesting. The content of the guidance is determined together with the client. This will always focus on the employee’s self-reliance, i.e. on transferring the PRI method so that the employee learns to apply it independently. Complete privacy of the employee vis-à-vis the employer is of course guaranteed.

Coach Coach

Certified PRI therapists, PRI basic therapists and PRI therapists in training (i.o.).

This is a trajectory of 20 weekly or biweekly conversations of 1 hour.

Location Location

First of an attempt will be made to place you with a coach who is able to guide your specific request for help and secondly whose practice is as close as possible to the region where you live or work.

Price indication Price indication

PRI coaching costs € 175,00 (with an i.o. therapist of a basic therapist) or € 190,00 (with a certified therapist) per 60 minutes (excl. VAT).

Reimbursement by insurance companies Reimbursement by insurance companies

See footnotes in the description:

1. In these situations the financing is usually done through the employer’s education or training budget.

2. The financing here often runs through the company in the context of so-called reintegration processes.