Stress and Burnout

It often seems like burnout happens overnight; suddenly you can’t do anything anymore. You feel physically exhausted and literally can’t get up and go to work.

Sometimes you feel overstretched for a while, your sleep is less and you don’t feel concentrated. Often you don’t really pay attention to that because you are used to working hard and not giving up. In reality, you have been unconsciously depleting your energy supply for quite some time without replenishing it.

Burnout often has to do with persistent work stress, in addition, it can also happen with other persistent stress, such as illness, death of a loved one or persistent money worries.

There is great physical fatigue. Your body first needs a lot of rest to be able to recover.

29 percent of the working Dutch population is very tired and 14 percent suffers from burnout symptoms.

Ingeborg Bosch explains how PRI looks at burnout.
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Why do you get addicted?

Besides of course the physical recovery from burnout, it is essential – to prevent a relapse in the future – to, with the help of PRI, get a grip on your behaviour which caused you to end up in burnout.

Always being busy, taking care of others, or working too hard has a specific function. The reason you try so hard is that somehow you believe that if you don’t do that, things will go wrong.

How can PRI help you?

First, you and your therapist develop a plan to ensure that your energy stores can rebuild in a healthy way.

When that is showing signs of improvement, you will learn to recognize with the help of PRI which situations in your daily life make you work so hard, make you do your best, make you keep going even when you are already tired. Then you will discover what old, repressed painful feelings lie beneath.

In this way, step by step you separate your past from the present. You will be better able to sense your limits and act accordingly. In this way, you recover physically step by step from your burnout and you are more in charge of your life.

Without realizing it I was constantly attuning my behaviour to my environment, the expectations of others. This unconsciously caused so much stress that I ended up in burnout.