Relationship problems

Having a good relationship with your partner is one of the most important things in life.

At the beginning of a love relationship, there is usually a lot of hope and trust that you are going to stay very happy together. Yet in most relationships patterns develop over time so that you can no longer feel the love you felt for each other in the beginning.

Sometimes there are obvious events in your life that give rise to relationship problems; such as the loss of a loved one, an unfulfilled wish to have children, dismissal or illness. There may also be a lot of arguing and conflict going on between you.

Often signals are more subtle: at a certain point, you notice that you share little, the physical intimacy has greatly diminished, or that you live together under the same roof without real contact.

About a third of marriages end in divorce.

What the video in which Ingeborg Bosch explains how PRI looks at problems you might have. Problems that have an impact on your relationship.
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Re-discovering love

It is possible to rediscover the love that started your relationship. In practice, it turns out time and again that this love has not disappeared at all.

You have only become entangled together in patterns that cover your feelings for each other. Patterns from old survival mechanisms, which you have already developed as a child.

You subconsciously project your past onto your partner and react from that survival. Most of the time your projections and patterns interlock exactly, amplifying them.

How can PRI help you?

With the help of PRI, you learn to recognize in which concrete daily situations you unconsciously and unintentionally touch each other’s pains and therefore always end up in the same, destructive behaviour patterns and emotions.

Together with your therapist, you will discover which old, repressed painful feelings lie underneath. This way, step by step, you separate your past from the present and your partner.

Moreover, you get a grip yourself, because your therapist teaches you how to apply PRI instruments yourself, now and in the future.

In this way, you can step by step break your vicious circle of conflicts or separation from each other.

You get back in touch with the love for each other and it can deepen further and further

Learning to really listen empathically to each other, really see the other person, and work together on our underlying pain has brought us fully together again.