Linda Jonkers

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My name is Linda Jonkers.

In 2020, I found myself in a personal crisis; I saw this crisis as an opportunity. A chance to gain more insight into my problems. That’s how I came to PRI. That felt like a warm bath, everything fell into place, how my past played a very big role in the present. I led my life mostly looking through the colored glasses of my past.

My mission is for (our) children to be able to offer such an unencumbered life, lead them to adulthood from their pure IC. Because I learned PRI myself, I do not pass on my past to my children and they are less burdened. Therefore, my affinity is with young parents/caregivers.

In my work as a therapist, I would like to stand beside you so that we are equal. All the answers are within you, and I will explore with you to find those answers. My feelings guide the process; other key words are empathy, compassion and connection.

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