Lenneke van Hastenberg

Hollandsche Rading, Nederland


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I have been working as a graduate psychologist (NIP) since 1993. I came across the work of Ingeborg (Bosch) in 2005 when I read about PRI in her book “Illusions.” It appealed to me immediately. Especially the integration of various elements (which were known separately from science and psychology) into a complete meta approach appealed to me. The concreteness of it. For both a child and adult understandable to explain and convey. To be able to put it into their hands themselves as a tool instead of purely letting them “talk about it. Continually learning and re-examining your own projections (“education permanente”), equally, transparently as a person and caregiver also inspires me daily.

After reading Illusions, I started taking the introductory workshop for professionals and then the PRI therapist training.

Currently I am working as a PRI trainer, supervisor and (certified) PRI therapist within my own practice. I am also part of the PRI Anorexia expertise team, from which we help adolescents and adults recover from Anorexia or any other eating disorder.

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