Kristel van der Klugt

Stadionstraat 11c, 4815 NG Breda, Nederland



My name is Kristel van der Klugt. After a varied career in education, I discovered how all children young and old are not to blame for their behavior but that there is trauma underneath. All these children were a wonderful mirror for me, I could sense them better and better because I recognized their survival. My survival mode (fear, distrust and shame) caused me to keep looking for other work, not yet knowing that underneath that was old pain with me too.

After a search within counseling, PRI came my way in 2017 which gave me tools to explore what was underneath my defenses. Step by step, I became more aware of what behaviors and unpleasant feelings were so hindering me in my daily life and discovered how much love was hidden underneath. That really feels so light and magical!

Applying PRI every time brings so much compassion and strength, to get a grip on emotions and thoughts yourself. I also like to put you on your own feet by teaching you PRI and searching together for your key within yourself!

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