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My name is Jolanda Klaassen.  After studying Human Resources, I worked for a long time in various organizations as a (career) advisor and coach.  I have also done various local government projects to increase the employability of disadvantaged young people. During my career I have done various in-depth studies in the field of coaching and counseling.  After reading one of Ingeborg Bosch’s books, I started doing  PRI therapy myself.  As a result, I could not only improve the quality of my work at the time, but also tackle my own stress-related complaints (mainly resulting in headaches and migraines).

 My own process meant so much change for my own life and gave me so much more insight into how to be able to work in depth with others, that I decided to sign up for the four-year PRI training programme. I went from a physically demanding life (with adjustment in working hours, always putting the brakes on making appointments, thinking that it was often too much) to a relaxed life with room for eventually starting my own PRI practice in order to be sustainable  and to be able to offer effective guidance on emotional issues in both work-related and personal problems.  I wish everyone to be able to experience the same life force that I have experienced and never thought possible!

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