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I am a Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor, and University Fellow with over 15 years of experience working in clinics, hospitals, government settings and private practice. I have a passion for helping people find peace and contentment in their lives, free from emotional distress, and for providing clients with the tools they need to support themselves in the future.
When I discovered PRI, I was seeking enhanced methods to treat people with a range of psychological conditions, particularly those with eating disorders. Not only have I witnessed the positive impact that PRI has on people’s lives, but I have also received this form of therapy myself, so I understand what it’s like to learn, implement, and benefit from. I believe everyone deserves to experience the transformative effects I have witnessed from PRI. I am open to seeing adults and adolescents with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, anger, addictions, procrastination, parenting issues, and psychosomatic complaints. I will help you to recognize the negative emotional and defensive reactions that you have to certain situations, and help you to process related life events, so you can enjoy living in the present without the subconscious burden of the past.You can find out more at

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