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For over 20 years, as a professional counselor, I have been guiding people in dealing with questions and problems they encounter in their lives. Bringing people into contact with their own strength has always been central.

And that is no coincidence, because coming and staying in contact with my own strength has also been a quest for me, in which I continue to develop further. In this quest I myself have benefited most from PRI. By applying PRI daily in my life, I notice more and more how nice it is to really be myself and that this is actually the only way to really be there, to really live. And that gives a great feeling of freedom.

From this enthusiasm I started the PRI therapist training at the beginning of 2015. I have now completed the training and I work in my practice as a certified PRI therapist. I am part of the PRI Anorexia Expertise team, which means that I specialize in working with people who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa (or any other eating problem).

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