Arlette Laponder

Gandhiweg 87, 2807 RD Gouda, Nederland



My name is Arlette Laponder and I work as an independent therapist, coach and experience specialist in my practice You-exist in Gouda. Graduated in Social Pedagogical Counseling, registered mental health counselor and working with the philosophy of PRI. Also, I am a mother of two children.

You-exist is Presence! After years of working in a large healthcare facility, I have found that my strength lies primarily in individual counseling. From professional and experiential care, I want to be there for and with you with knowledge, respect and mutual trust. When starting my own practice, I was also still working as a therapist and experience professional at a leading center for people with eating disorders, where I enjoyed working for many years. As a liberal therapist and coach, my work gives me great satisfaction and appreciation.

Not the help or treatment offerings are the focus. Support is only meaningful if it is in line with your personal need and experience. Not symptom control, but a comprehensive approach to the problem. Understanding yourself provides an overview, and that overview gives you perspective and resilience, resulting in being known, recognized and appreciated for who you are.

My own journey to recovery has been like a pilgrimage to the strength and meaning I experienced within myself.

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