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That life can feel light instead of heavy I learned through Past Reality Integration.

While working as a lawyer, I discovered that I prefer to be constructive and problem-solving. Then I worked as a home maker for a long time. Designing homes and workspaces that people feel comfortable in and thus function better. That was fascinating and went very well, but there was still a link missing that I felt. Due to personal circumstances, I wanted to know more about my constant uncanny feeling, about things I ran into over and over again. PRI came my way. Ingeborg Bosch came my way. And that has indescribably changed and improved my life, my relationships with people and the relationship with my children. From feeling alone to being connected. Now I know and feel, that the ultimate sense of home is within yourself. When you feel good and free, even if your circumstances are sometimes less easy, life is surprisingly unencumbered. From heaviness and survival to free and light living. What a gift!

With heart and soul, I guide you through your personal process. Please feel free to contact me for a phone consultation. You are most welcome.

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